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2011-10-15 18:19:57 by BigTippi

Minutes of Mayhem
This is a link to my senior animation project that I have been working on.
I am glad it is done


2011-06-13 07:49:05 by BigTippi

I got nothing new to say...

Most Horrible Story 2

2010-07-24 00:47:47 by BigTippi

Ive seen the work done on "The most horrible story 2" and I am excited to see it come out. Hopefully it is not much longer.


2009-12-05 00:43:55 by BigTippi

I have been wanting to post some of my t-shirt ideas.
But I am concerned that they may get stolen;
on the other hand how will I find out that they are good ideas.

Conflicting, because if they are good, i would like to submit them and get some $.
But if they are that good, they will be stolen.

So the real question is do i care about the money or putting my stuff out there?

Thanks to everyone

2009-11-14 00:13:26 by BigTippi

I want to thank everyone for their kindness and support in the passing of Tippi

Not a good week

2009-11-10 17:08:58 by BigTippi

Yesterday morning, 11/9/09, my beloved dog, Tippi, passed away and this Account is in memory of her.

Not a good week